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   Brewing beer at home is fun and simple, anyone can do it!
   Home Brew LagarBrewing your own beer is loads of fun, and absolutely anyone can do it.

   You'll get great satisfaction from showing off your new batch to your friends
   and family.

   Whatever your tipple there is a brew kit for you, from ales and lagers to wines
and cider. They are all simple to use and in no time at all you will be producing
   bottle after bottle of great drinks.

   After a small initial expense you'll be producing beers at 20p - 60p a pint.

  What do you need to get started?
                                                                                                                       Starter Kit
  If this is your first time home brewing you will need to buy some home brew
  equipment. Instead of buying everything individually it is much easier to buy
  a starter kit like the one pictured. The one in the picture has everything you
  need and only costs £62.99 from here.

  Prices of starter kits range from £30 for more basic kits up to £120 for larger
  kits. Remember you only have to make this initial investment once, and the
  kits can be used time and time again to produce great home brews.

  You will need a different starter kit for beer and wine. For more information
  about the best starter kits for you click here.

  Home brew beer kits
                                                                                                                                Real Ale Kit
  Once you have your starter kit you are ready to choose your beer kit. You
  can choose from ales, lagers and stouts, whatever takes your fancy. All of
  the kits are easy to use and come with full instructions. In no time at all you
  can have your first batch on the go. It usually takes 2 - 3 weeks for a beer
  kit to be ready.

  The kits are cheap and produce outstanding results. The one pictured makes
  40 pints of smooth real ale and only costs £23.05 from here.

  Loads more beer kits, including lagers and stouts, are available here.

  Home brew wine kits
                                                                                                                                  Wine Kit
Just like with beers, the choice of wine making kits is excellent. Whatever
  your taste why not try your hand at making your own wine. As with the beer
  kits, the wine kits are easy to use and full instructions are provided.

  Wine kits are usually ready to drink in around 4 weeks, although they do
  get better with time if you can resist drinking them sooner!

  The kits usually produce 6 bottles at a time. The one in the picture is only
  £12.49 from here.

  There are loads more wine kits of all varieties here.

  Home brew cider kits
                                                                                                                             Cider kit
  Not much beats a nice pint of cider on a hot summer's day. The number
  of cider making kits is not as high as with beer or wine kits, but there are
  still some great kits available.

  You need a little more patience with cider kits as they can take a number
  of months to be ready, but if you like cider the wait is well worth it!

  The kit in the picture makes 30 pints of lovely cider and costs only £26.69
  from here.

  Ready to go...!

  Once you have brought your starter kit and beer, wine or cider kit you                            
  are ready to start making all your favourite drinks at home.

  Just follow the simple instructions on your kits and you can't go far wrong,
  but just remember - if at first you don't succeed try again.

  Good luck and happy brewing!!


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